xtool d1 pro 20w

xTool D1 Pro 20W  Depth Review: Best Powerful Diode Laser Engraver for Hobby &  Professional Use

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xTool D1 Pro has made a formidable entrance into the diode laser engraver market. Its upgraded build, powerful 20W laser module and enhanced software & electronics make it a top-of-the range machine that is sure to provide remarkable results for any user.

This article will go thorough review identifies and compares the device’s size, material ability, transmission speed, assembly process and upgrade potential to its predecessor – ultimately concluding that this new model offers remarkable improvements in each category.

Let’ see it!

Unboxing& Assemble

The D1 Pro arrived professionally packaged and secured with foam inserts that protected all the components. Unpacking revealed two black envelopes, one of which included a comprehensive manual plus an additional guide for quick set-up along with projects to spark your creativity. The other envelope featured sample materials perfect to get you started on your own unique journey.

xtool d1 pro unboxing
xtool d1 pro unboxing

Completing the assembly process of xTool’s product is simple, as all necessary tools are included in its package. For a few final touches, one may require scissors or wirecutters to snip away some cable ties; aside from that minor detail, they can look forward to an easy-to-follow manual and tutorial video assisting them each step of the way!

Below is xTool official installation video tutorial, it usually takes around 20-30 minutes to finishing everything if you just follow up everything.

What’s In the Box

xTool provides a set of tools, sample work material sheets, laser safety glass, and a part storage box with the machine. The hex keys, screws, zip ties, screwdriver, etc., will come in handy while assembling the machine.

  • xTool D1 Pro Laser Engraving and Cutting Machine components (5 parts)
  • Laser module
  • Motor cable and limit switch cables, shaft and coupling
  • Power adapter, USB cable, and TF card
  • Parts storage box and risers (8)
  • Assorted screws, nozzle connector components, belt lubrication, and zip ties
  • Safety goggles, screwdriver, and hex keys
  • Protective aluminum sheet
  • Sample material pack
  • Quick Start guide
xtool d1 pro unboxing

Easy Understanding User Guide

I have been testing various machine from different brand,and most of time, theri user guide often failed to provide adequate assistance in assembling machine.

However, xTool D1 Pro provides extensive documentation, providing users informative books including 1 assembly guide, 1 FAQs guide, 1 beautiful  workout sample brochure. Furthermore, a welcome letter is included that creating pleasant surprise, honestly, I am quite surprize with that!

xtool d1 pro user guide
xtool d1 pro user guide
xtool d1 pro workout brochure
xtool d1 pro user guide
xtool d1 pro welcome letter


parameterxTool D1 Pro
Work Area16.93″ x 15.35″  (432x406mm)
Footprint28.5″ x 23.2″ x 5.9″
Laser TypesDiode
Laser Output Power5W, 10W, 20W
Laser FocusManual
Laser Spot Size0.08 x 0.06 mm (5W, 10W)
0.08 x 0.1 mm (20W)
Compatible MaterialsWood, leather, paper, acrylic, fabric, ceramic, glass, etc.
Linear DriveBelt driven
Stepper MotorNEMA17
Transmission SupportLinear rails and rollers
Maximum Speed400 mm/sec (24,000 mm/min)
Limit SwitchesYes
Rotary SupportYes
ConnectivityUSB, WiFi
Memory CardYes
SoftwarexTool Creative Space, LightBurn
AccessoriesAssembly tools, laser safety glass, part storage box, TF Card
AssemblyDIY (instructions provided)
Color OptionsGrey or Red
Weight15 lbs
Warranty12 months

Robust and Elegance Design

xTool D1 Pro is an open-frame desktop laser engraver. Its frames are made of extruded aluminum, while the linear rails and wheels are made of steel.This lightweight frame-style laser engraver offers versatility, with the ability to be moved directly on top of larger materials, providing high precision results regardless of size or location.

This laser offers state-of-the art protection. It features built-in shields on all sides, a flame detector, motion and vibration sensors as well as limit switches for its precise path. For an added benefit to your projects’ aesthetic appeal, the side nozzle opens up possibilities of increased air cooling that can help reduce heat and dust accumulation at each point in time!

xtool frame design

Engraving Size

With an expansive engraving area of 432 x 406mm, the D1 offers a range of options for crafting custom works. That’s bigger than A3 paper and enough room to bring vivid portrait images onto various materials with ease!

xtool d1 pro engraving size

Test Laser Engraving & Cutting on xTool D1 Pro 20w

The 450nm diode lasers used on xTool D1 Pro can work on materials like wood, leather, paper, acrylic, fabric, rock, ceramic, glass, and metal like stainless steel.

Wood Engraving & Cutting

For wood engraving, I keep speed on about 5000mm/min with 80-100% power. For cutting job, It is able to cut through 6mm thick ply in just 1 passe, the speed is around 600mm/min with 100% power on.

ortur master lm3 laser engraving

Paper Engraving

Since paper is quite thick and easy burn, so I adjust speed into 10000mm/min, if edge cutting, speed is around 2000mm/min with 70% power.

xtool d1 pro laser engraving (7)
xtool d1 pro laser engraving (7)
xtool d1 pro laser engraving (7)
xtool d1 pro laser engraving (7)
xtool d1 pro laser engraving (7)

Stainless steel Engraving

Although stainless steel and metal is impossible to cut through 20w laser module, it is for engraving only. I set up speed is 100mm/min with 100% power for testing this.

Leather Engraving

The engraving on this 2mm leather result is fantastic, I really love it, the speed for this leather engraving is 1000mm/min with 100% power.

20W Laser Module

The D1 Pro 20w features a powerful 20W laser module at its core, comprised of four distinct 5W diodes which are united to create one intense beam. Protecting the user from potential harm is an orange safeguard mounted around the lower part of the unit.

By focusing a laser beam into an incredibly small spot size, energy density is amplified to enable precise engravings and deep cuts on materials – perfect for producing intricate details that would otherwise be difficult or impossible.

Super easy to focus

In mere seconds, you can easily tweak your focus with just three actionable steps. Simply lower the existing focal lever, then move the laser slider to bring it close to whatever surface needs adjusting; lastly raise back up and secure in place by returning the original lever.

xtool d1 pro adjuster stick

The Risers

With xTool D1, users can easily adjust the machine’s height to fit their engraving needs. Two sets of risers provide up to 140mm increase in elevation–perfect for those challenging wider objects! Simple installation and detachment make it a breeze – hassle-free customization at its finest.

xtool d1 pro riser

Stepper Motors

xTool D1 Pro’s precision mechanics are powered by two impressive NEMA17 stepper motors, one of which drives the Y axis with a brilliant shaft mechanism that keeps it running smoothly and prevents racking.

xtool d1 pro motor stepper

Limit Switches

The xTool D1 is designed with four proximity limit switches that are scattered on the XY axes, providing an alert system when a laser head gets too close to the frame. By utilizing these small gadgets, users can take advantage of precise absolute coordinates and avoid any accidental contact!

xtool d1 pro limited switch

Linear Drive

The xTool D1 Pro features belt-driven movement along X and Y axes supported by steel linear rails and rollers, meaning components won’t wear out quickly. Speed is not a problem either – with up to 400 mm/sec (24,000 mm/min) the system can get you where you need in no time!

Clean Cable Managment

The xTool D1 Pro is a powerhouse of precision, with all its axes driven by belt and supported by steel linear rails and rollers. Securing the two axles with zip ties seemed like a simple solution at first, but after extended use I realized it was not an effective method for connecting the Y axle to its frame.

xtool d1 pro cable management

Safety Management

Before getting started with the D1 Pro, let’s take a moment to talk about safety. This open-frame laser is incredibly powerful, so we’ll need to make sure proper precautions are taken before proceeding – like wearing safety goggles! 

The D1 comes with a pair of safety goggles, marked “166F CE” on the frame to indicate its certification for low-energy impact protection. But I would recommend getting certified laser safety goggles with a rating of OD6 or higher. Make sure that they protect from wavelengths in the range of 455nm (+/- 5nm).

Also, Laser cutting or engraving emits harmful fumes that can be damaging to your health. To ensure safety, it is important to only use laser technology in open-air environments with good ventilation or install an enclosure system featuring an exhaust vent to push the smoke outdoors.

Never leave the laser running unattended and have a fire extinguisher nearby when processing flammable material.

xtool d1 pro laser cover
xtool d1 pro safety glass-


You have the choice of a convenient USB cable or wireless WIFI connection. The latter offers extra flexibility to avoid having lengthy wires tangled around your computer!

For software , you can create elaborate designs with ease – all thanks to its compatibility with both LightBurn and xTool Creative Space software. 

xTool Creative Space is free to use and will work on Windows or Mac OS systems. Download links are available on the software download webpage of their website.

From CAD to CAM and Control operations, LightBurn is a powerful software that offers incredible versatility. Supporting Windows, Mac, and Linux system, please remember you have to import the file that xTool provided on their website in order to use lightburn. 


Upgrade Kit

xTool RA2 Pro

xTool has a rotary upgrade (xTool RA2 Pro) that you can get. It allows you to work around a workpiece using the roller, chuck, sphere, or ring configuration.

xTool 40W Laser Module for D1 Pro

With the xTool 40W laser moduel, you can now cut through materials up to 60 mm thick with twice the speed and power of previous models—making your projects easier than ever.

xTool D1 Pro/D1 Extension Kit

With the D1 Pro Extension Kit Upgrade, you can significantly increase your engravable working area to an impressive 930 x 430mm (previously 432 x 406mm). It is also equipped with long-lasting frames and reliable timing belts that will replace the existing setup.

xTool D1 Pro Air Assist Set

Outfit your D1 Pro with our air-assistance upgrade set, comprised of an air pump and connecting parts. This specially designed apparatus ensures that the laser’s cut surfaces won’t become overly charred or discolored while preserving optimal burn density.

xTool Smoke Purifier

With no more than 55dB* noise rate it gives you a quiet working environment.

3-layer filtration including premium activated carbon and HEPA filters to achieve a 99.97% purification rate.

xTool Enclosure

Keep your xTool D1 Pro safe and sound with the fireproof foldable enclosure. The Enclosure, Enclosure Add-on or maximum protection of an entire Upgrade Kit – all possibilities are available to suit tailored requirements for security.

It has an in-built exhaust fan and air inlet holes. With it, you can effectively capture and dispose of generated smoke.


xTool has an incredible online community that stretches across both the Makeblock forum and Facebook Group. Join up now to connect with fellow enthusiasts, share ideas, and keep your finger on the pulse of this dynamic machine!

xtool community


  • Large Engraving area to meet your creation demand
  • Strong output power 20w that works on a wide range of materials
  • Solid and elegant design 
  • Super user friendly for beginner
  • High potential room to upgrade machine


  • Frame sensor is a bit too sensitive even on low setting, I have to turn off my cutting job sometimes.
  • No case or protective for mainboard, the laser module may bump into front frame
  • xTool Creative Space software is not convenient for user

Difference Between xTool D1 and D1 Pro

xTool D1 Pro is an upgrade from its predecessor, featuring more efficient transmission speed and a boosted laser module to increase work area. Additionally, increased safety features alongside various colored options give users even greater peace of mind when using this advanced tool.

SpecificationxTool D1 ProxTool D1
Laser power20W / 10W / 5W10W / 5W
Laser focus spot0.08 x 0.1mm0.08 x 0.15mm
Maximum work area430 x 390 mm432 x 396mm
Maximum speed24,000mm/min10000mm/min
Limit switchesYesNo
Flame detectionYesNo
Adjustable air nozzleYesNo
ColorGolden Red / Metal GreyMetal Grey

Final Thought

xTool D1 Pro is the ultimate tie-breaker for laser users! Boasting a powerful 20W output, it can quickly and precisely engrave or cut just about any material. Experience twice the efficiency with its lightning fast speed – halving your work cycle time and doubling productivity in no time.

For hobbyists and small/medium-level businesses looking to add laser capabilities, the xTool D1 Pro is an ideal choice. This convenient device provides all of the features you need without taking up too much space or breaking your budget.