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Write a guest post for us! We’re always on the lookout to find writers who can provide fresh content about makers products. Writing this kind of material will help you gain experience, enrich your resume and promote yourself as an expert in makers niches online through our blog – not only does it make perfect sense but also increase your domain authority by sharing your link. We’ve prepared the following guidelines for you to find out the style and content we can accept on our blog.

Types of Articles We Accept

We are a website that caters to the interests of makers. Our readers come from all walks-of life and use different maker products for their own purposes, whether it’s learning about 3D printing or modeling in Software like SketchUp or other makes product like laser engraving , drone etc! All articles posted here should be able to attract this audience.

We have categorized the articles we accpet for guest post. Namely: 

● Tutorials or tips for speccific makes product

● Updated news or event for a brand product in maker niche

Word requirement

Typically, we look for articles more than 1500 words. However, we’re much more interested in quality content rather than reaching a word count.

Our Voice & Tone

We suggest voice is general that is easy to understand for reader, and keep upbeat and positive! We like to put a fun spin on our topics and keep our content engaging for our audience.

Types of Articles We Do Not Accept

1- Posts that have already been published elsewhere.
2- Posts that are unorganized or have an unclear focus.
3- Topics we have already covered on Novelty Maker. Although, we’re open to putting a new spin on older topics!
4- Topics that aren’t about makers niche, so far, our content range including 3d printing, 3d scanner, drone, portable power station, gadget harware etc.

Correctness, Readability, Plagiarism, and Performance

Before submitting your article for review, kindly make sure it’s correct and easy to read. Use tools like Grammarly or any other you prefer in order to check the performance of both yourself as well as those reading it – after all we want people who are interested! Once submitted with this information included ( sane output ), then our team will do their best not only at checking content but also plagiarism which means if there were instances of theft they’ll be caught red handed  with no excuse available.


We only allow one promotional link. It can either be on the body or in the bio section of the article.

If the website linked is related to us the link will be a Dofollow, otherwise it will be a Nofollow. 

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Feel free to contact us via email info@noveltymaker.com, we will be replying within 24-48 hours excepet public holidays, or you can write your inquiry on the form provide below and sumbit it.