Ortur LU3-20A  Details Review: Fast and Powerful Laser Engraver & Cutter for DIY


Recently,Ortur has rolled out an upgrade to their 20W class diode laser, a long-awaited but welcome development. This new offering comes in two different product variants to cater to various users. For veteran users, simply purchase the separate LU3-20A laser module; for new users, purchase the entire Ortur Laser Master 3 20W version of the machine.

This astounding machine, the ORTUR LU3-20A, is a synergy of versatility and high power, marking it as an essential apparatus for enthusiasts, artists, designers, and experts. Possessing superior attributes and an intuitive interface, it presents endless opportunities for engraving and cutting with unmatched precision. This article is set to delve into the impressive functionality of this laser engraver and its potential to transform your projects into masterpieces. Remarkably, it can produce over 380 colors on stainless steel!

Ortur OLM3 LU3-20A
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04/03/2024 09:04 am GMT

Unboxing & Assemble

The machine was delivered with utmost professionalism, safely nestled within protective foam inserts that ensured the integrity of each component. Included with it were a thorough instruction manual and a supplementary quick-setup guide, complemented by a set of creative project ideas to start your imagination.

To assemble machine, it roughly took me 30 mintues to finish everything, with manual user guide, you just need to follow step by step, beside, they have installation video to show you every details.

Below is the list that package come with

  • main laser engraver assembly
  • Laser module (LU3-20A)
  • Synchronized belts and a circuit group for machine assembly
  • Laser wire
  • USB cable
  • A power adapter
  • YRR motor wire for machine operations
  • Cable ties
  • Machine key, brush, WiFi aerial, and goggles for operational safety
  • A TF card with a reader
  • Testing materials 
  • Installation Kit
  • Air assist Kit
  • A laser lens for precision
ortur lm3 unboxing


It is open-frame design that is constructed from extruded aluminum, affords a lightweight yet robust structure. Its steel-made linear rails and wheels further enhance its durability. Notably, this frame-style engraver offers adaptability; it can be effortlessly relocated on top of larger materials, delivering high-precision results irrespective of the object’s size or positioning.

20W Laser Module

a formidable engraving and cutting instrument, is compatible with both Ortur and Aufero laser engravers. This 20W powerhouse is capable of engraving over 380 distinct colors on stainless steel, delivering an impressive range of 256 grayscale engravings

ortur master lm3 laser head

Quick Focus Stick

The Ortur LU3-20A laser module is furnished with a swift-focus bar, allowing rapid adjustment to optimal focus via a gentle toggle – a design that epitomizes simplicity and convenience.

ortur master lm3 focus stick

Integrated Air Assist System

The LU3-20A Laser Module boasts an incorporated air tube, working harmoniously with the supplied 50L air pump to halve burn mark occurrences. An adjustable airflow knob enhances this effect. This air pump system aids in minimizing dust collection on the lenses, consequently reducing wear and tear. A further benefit of the module is its smoke reduction capability, which contributes to a decrease in burning.

Double Cooling Fans

Equipped with a robust cooling system featuring dual fans spinning at up to 10,000 rpm, the device significantly enhances laser durability and ensures a reliable service lifespan of up to 10,000 hours.

Software Compatible

The Ortur LM3 is designed with versatility in mind, extending its compatibility to renowned software like LightBurn, LaserGRBL, and Laser Explorer. This broad compatibility ensures that users can seamlessly integrate the LM3 into their existing workflow, benefiting from the diverse features and user-friendly interfaces that these software solutions offer.

laser engraver software

Laser Engraving Test

So far, I test this machine on different material including paper, wood, acrylic, and leather, Below is some creation I have engraved and cut.

xtool d1 pro laser engraving (7)
xtool d1 pro laser engraving (7)
ortur master lm3 laser engraving
ortur master lm3 laser engraving
ortur master lm3 laser engraving
ortur master lm3 laser engraving
ortur master lm3 laser engraving
ortur master lm3 laser engraving
ortur master lm3 laser engraving
ortur master lm3 laser engraving
ortur master lm3 laser engraving

Safety Protection

The Ortur LM3 goes beyond performance and innovation by embedding essential safety measures into its design.

  • Safety Lock
  • Active Position Protection 
  • Sloping Position Protection
  • Exposure Duration Detection and Limitation
  • Voltage and Current Safety Control System Host Computer Watchdog
  • Emergency Stop Switc
lock key

Upgrade Your Machine

Folding bracket

The folding bracket is designed for ORTUR Laser Master 3. Made of aluminum alloy material, they are more delicate and stable. Using the foldable legs, you can adjust the height of the laser engraver and can engrave thicker materials

Y roller series

Can be engraved 360 °, you can change accessories to engrave objects (such as: wine glasses, snowman cups, baseball bats, rings, balls or cups with handles, etc.) to unleash your creativity



  • Model: Ortur LM3 20W
  • Laser Module: LU3-20A
  • Focal Spot: 0.08*0.08mm
  • Machine Power: 120W
  • Laser Electric Power: 80W
  • Power input: 24V 6A
  • Maximum Luminous Power: 20W
  • Focal Length: 56.5mm
  • Focusing Mode: Manual
  • Wavelength: 450±5nm
  • Lifetime: 10,000H
  • Working Area: 400*380 mm
  • Expandable to 400*830mm (15.75*32.68 inches) with Ortur Extension Kit


  • 3-step operation Available in 10 minutes
  • Take a picture and enjoy the original direct sculpture
  • 380+ color metal engraving
  • Built-in air assist for better engraving and cutting results
  • 7 major security guarantees
  • Thoughtful design to improve user experience


  • Will likely require risers or foldable feet for laser for taller projects.
  • Limited to engraving objects up to 100mm in diameter
Ortur OLM3 LU3-20A
Buy On Amazon Official Website
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
04/03/2024 09:04 am GMT

Final Thought

The Ortur OLM3 is an incredible laser engraver for DIY user and small business owner, emblematic of the company’s commitment to powerful performance and steadfast safety, it excels in all the essential areas for engraving projects, marking it as one of our premier choices for laser engraving machines.

The combination of its features culminates in an engraving experience that is both impressive and effective. While some tasks may demand a bit more time, this is a minor compromise for the quality and precision it delivers. In its price bracket, Ortur’s OLM3 stands as a contemporary benchmark, offering a robust system that’s poised to serve creative minds and professionals alike.