Unlock Unprecedented Speed and Precision with ORTUR Laser Master 3

In the rapidly advancing sphere of laser engraving and cutting, the arrival of the ORTUR Laser Master 3 signifies a landmark moment. Combining speed, precision, and a multitude of safety features, this device is poised to be a game-changer for both hobbyists and professionals alike, setting new standards in the field.

The ORTUR Laser Master 3 makes a strong impression with its superior 10W Laser Module. As ORTUR’s first genuine 10W optical power laser engraver, it demonstrates impressive cutting capabilities, tackling 12-15mm thick plywood and 12mm thick black acrylic board in one pass with ease. Furthermore, it can manage 30mm thick black acrylics without any issues. The focus spot area of the new laser is a mere third of other ordinary lasers, leading to a higher level of precision. Pair this with a staggering speed of 20000mm/min, and you have a device that delivers precision-cut results in half the time of its competitors.

Moreover, the ORTUR Laser Master 3 embraces the digital age with its user-friendly APP controls. It offers compatibility with iPhone, Android phones, iPads, and Android tablets, leveraging its Professional APP – Laser Explorer. This intuitive application is designed with simplicity in mind, providing an automatic operation guide and novice-friendly features. Users can continue their engraving work anytime, anywhere, without the fear of disconnection interrupting their long engraving tasks.

Compatibility is another area where the ORTUR Laser Master 3 excels. It supports Web UI and is compatible with a variety of engraving software like LaserGRBL, LightBurn. Moreover, it’s compatible with multiple operating systems like Win XP/ 7 /8 / XP / 10 and Mac systems. The device supports engraving file formats, including NC, BMP, JPG, PNG, DXF, and more, adding to its flexibility and adaptability.

When it comes to engraving and cutting quality, the ORTUR Laser Master 3 leaves no room for compromise. It adopts the most advanced spot compression laser technology, delivering a laser focus spot as fine as 0.05 x 0.1 mm. This fine precision ensures a high-quality engraving and cutting effect. What’s more, it integrates a filter panorama shield in its eye-protection cover design, filtering out 97% of harmful ultraviolet rays. This ingenious addition eliminates the need for goggles, reducing costs and the inconvenience of wearing them, while still providing a clear view of the engraving process.

Safety is a paramount concern for ORTUR, and it reflects in the ORTUR Laser Master 3’s design. The device is armed with seven safety protection systems, offering an unparalleled degree of safety assurance. These include a Safety Lock, Active Position Protection, Sloping Position Protection, Exposure Duration Detection and Limitation, Voltage and Current Safety Control System, Host Computer Watchdog, and an Emergency Stop Switch. This comprehensive safety protection system ensures that you can focus on your engraving and cutting work in a secure environment.

In conclusion, the ORTUR Laser Master 3 redefines the world of laser engraving and cutting. It’s a masterpiece combining speed, precision, user-friendly operation, and safety – truly a boon for any engraving enthusiast. Whether you’re a hobbyist looking for a new tool to explore your creativity or a professional seeking to boost productivity, the ORTUR Laser Master 3 stands ready to revolutionize your engraving journey.