monport lightburn 40w

Monport 40W Lightburn Review: Price Friendly CO2 Laser Engraver for beginner


When it comes to co2 laser engravers, there are a few different types that you can choose from on market, and most of them are costly, and If you’re looking for something reliable and affordable, then you may want to consider this Monport 40W co2 laser engraver. In this article, we will take a closer look at the features of the Monport 40W co2 laser engraver and see how it compares to other machines on the market. We will also discuss some of the pros and cons of this machine so that you can decide if it is right for you. So, let’s get started!

High-powered best CO2 laser cutting machine - Monport 40w Lightburn

Unboxing & Assemble

Their shipping box was in perfect condition, it is double boxed,thanks to the white foam that protected it from any damage. Inside of this big container you can find all other pieces needed including power cable or kit for installation!

The product arrives pre-assembled, so all you have done is remove the packaging and restraints that they’ve put in place for shipping purposes, It comes with the machine, a water pump, venting duct, usb cable, usb flashdrive, and a usb key for the LaserDRW program.

The mirrors may shift during shipping, so you should check the alignment before starting to cut. Globs of hotglue are used all over the machine, holding down the mirror alignment nuts, attaching the LED light strip in the interior, and holding connectors on the control board,The instructions are very clear, and each mirror has 3 spring-loaded screws to adjust its position.

monport 40w package
monport 40w unboxing


  • Working Dimension: 8’’ x 12’’ (200 mm x 300 mm)
  • Machine Dimension: 32” x 20” x 10” ( 81.3 cm x 50.8 cm x 25.4 cm )
  • Package Dimension: 37” x 25” x 16” ( 94 cm x 64 cm x 41 cm )
  • 0.5” Standard Z-depth ( workspace height with the vented level board installed )
  • 2.5” Max Z-depth ( workspace height with vented level board removed )
  • Net Weight: 63 lbs. ( 28.6 kg )

What is In the Box

  • A Pair of Laser Protective Glasses *1
  • Laser Engraver Machine *1
  • Water Pump *1
  • Storage Tank *1
  • Ethernet to Ethernet Cable *1
  • USB Type-A to Type-A Cable *1
  • Venting Exhaust Duct (4 ft. max. length) *1
  • Water Hoses *2
  • Hex Wrenches *10
  • Double-sided Tape *1
  • Power Cord *2
  • Accessory Bag *1
  • Keys *2
  • Silicone Sealant *1
  • Instruction Manual *1
  • Stainless Steel Clamp *1
monport 40w unboxing

First Look of Monport 40W

The enclosure is made of sheet metal, which makes it rigid and durable. With a top surface that’s been tempered acric plate for added protection against scratches or breakage in transit – this product feels like one who was put through some thought before being released!

monport 40w firs look

The clamp can be helpful if you need to repeat position material, but most of the time, I simply laid the material on the main cutting board.  The cutting board is easily cleaned, and wiping it down with isopropyl alcohol cleans off any debris. The machine has a built-in exhaust fan that vents out the back of the machine through the included four-inch ducting.

The gantry moves in the X and Y axes,but there is no zaxis adjustment for the focus.The focus is set to two inches between the lens andthe top of the cutting board, and if you need toadjust the focus, you’ll have to take screw off and raise or lower the laser head.

monport 40w

Engraving size

The engraving size for this machine is 200mmx300 mm, which will be enough to handle most projects or small businesses.

Dual Work Bed

It includes a removable work bed with stabilizer clamp, for thicker materials with extra height, you can remove the vented level board and place your target material at the bottom of the engraver to achieve 5cm focus distance.

3 LED Monitor Displays

With the 3 LED displays, you can monitor your water temperature and laser power with real-time data. If there is any problem in these areas then it will show up on screen for quick resolution!

monport led lights

Red Dot Guidance

The laser mounted on the head can provide more precision when lining up cutting and engraving.

Software Compatible

With this 40w machine’s upgraded control board, users can enjoy compatibility with Lightburn – one of the most popular and widely-used software on today’s market, also they have their own software LaserDrw, but I usually prefer use lightburn for my engraving task.

Laser Protective Glasses

Laser protective glasses are designed to protect your eyes against radiation damage. They look like any other pair of regular sunglasses, but they’re specially certified for viewing Class 4 lasers which can cause significant eye strain and even permanent vision loss if looked at directly or indirectly without protection!

Built-in Ventilation

The fan is integrated to boost laser performance, improve ventilation and reduce noise. The exhaust port helps create a safe work environment so you can vent the fumes outdoors!

Water Cooling System

This easy setup water cooling system is perfect for keeping your laser tube at 60–70°F (16–21 °C). It includes a compact pump and built-in hoses, so you can be sure it will work within the desired parameters of this device’s temperature range!

Monport 40w Creation

Since it has 40w on laser output, you can safely engrave or cut material including Wood, and acrylic, below is some creation that is engraved by this machine.

ortur master lm3 laser engraving
two tree ts3 engraver collection


  • Price is super friendly for beginner
  • Compatible with lightburn
  • 40w that allow you engrave & cut different material
  • It is preassembled, so you can start engraving witin 30 mintues


  • Official provided software laserDrw is quite difficult to use and only works on Windows 
  • Focus distance is inconvenient to adjust since you have to remove screw on laser head
  • Can not support offline engraving

Final Thought

Overall, I think  Monport 40w is a solid option for the k40 style laser cutter. The machine came with everything needed, including an exhaust fan and water pump which are both upgrades from what’s included in other models of this type at lower price points!

Also Monport’s instruction manual does an excellent job at describing which materials are suitable for use in Monports products and which ones you should avoid. Their website also has many helpful tips about how to get started with printing, including contact information if there is anything else I can help answer!