Maxworld 1000W Portable Power Station Review: Great Tool for Your Next adventure.

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“We all know that it’s important to be prepared for anything. That includes having enough power when you need it. But what do you do if there is no outlet in sight? When this happens, portable power stations are the perfect solution to help ensure your electronics never run out of juice.”
“Portable power stations can come in handy anywhere and anytime!”

Whether it’s camping or traveling abroad, this review will be informative and helpful when finding a new device!


I was contacted by Maxworld for requesting reviewing their max1000 and was super excited when it arrived in my house, when I opened up the box, everything package very well and start to test it.

When I take off the foams on the top that conver machine, the inside is compacted with foams to prevent damage from shipping, and with a white box of accessories. But I would suggest they still need to optimize the packaging structure since some area is not covered properly yet.

maxworld portable power station unbox

Maxworld launched 3 models of portable power stations. In terms of power, one is 300W and the other is 500W and another one is 1000W. And obviously, they send me model Max100 which has 1000 watts for reviewing.

There is an arched handle on the top for easy lifting; the workmanship is flat and does not tie hands; the left and right sides are relatively clean

maxworld portable power station

White Box Packaging List

  1. MC4 7909 Cable
  2. AC Wall Plug Power Adapter
  3. 12V Car Charger Cable
car charge cable

12V Car Charge Cable

MC4 Connector Cable

maxworld max1000 accesoory
air vent with cooling fan
air vent with cooling fan

In addition, I also want to do a device noise test. From the photo above, you should be able to faintly see the location of the two cooling fans inside the device, right? Initially I wanted to do a noise test, but when I actually experienced it, I found that this Maxworld 1000W portable power station seems to have no noise when it runs. At least I can’t feel any changes without using noise detection equipment. So I did not test this part.

maxworld led light

Directly in top front of power station is a lighting design. In addition to providing us with regular lighting services, we can also activate the “SOS” emergency light by pressing the switch for a long time. As for the lighting effect, compared with the professional outdoor lighting, there will definitely be some disadvantages, but it is enough for our daily use.

What It Powers

You can use this power station to charge most electornic applications that you use for your daily life. Below are some example:

Laptop (41.4wh): Around 20 Recharges

32″ TV(60W): Around 14 hours

CPAP without heated
humidifier (15W): 56 hours

Gopro (5.9Wh): Around 143 Recharges

Floodlight(4W): Around 212 hours

Mini Fridge(40W): Around 21 hours

DJ Drone(89.2Wh): Around 9.5 Recharges

Smartphone(10Wh): Around 84 Recharges

Switch(16Wh): Around 53 Recharges


Large Capacity: Comparing to similar portable electric generators, Maxworld portable generator possesses 78000mAh/288.6Wh power capacity.

Multi-Functional Outputs:It has 3 QC ports and 3 USB ports and  1*type-C Port that will Charge more devices such as phone, laptop, light, fan, mini cooler and so on with pure sine wave inverter.

Fast USB Charge: Compared to normal and USB 2.0 charge,QC 3.0 will charge your power much faster by spending same amout of time.

3 Ways of Charging: It can be recharged in only 5-6 hours via being plugged into wall outlet, or 5-8 hours by solar panel, or 7-8 hours by car charger.

LED light: large irradiation area and radial light ray feature can protect eyes and Illuminate a broad field of vision.

Wireless Charger: The top of the camping generator is designed as a wireless charger that means you can use our camping battery as a wireless charger.

Protection:Silica gel anti-collision strip protect portable power station generator all-round. Pure sine wave inverter safely protect electronic device

Portable and Convenient: Installed with solid handle helps you to carry and operate easily wherever you go.

Reassuring Safety: Without gasoline or toxic fumes, camping portable power station is completely healthy &eco-friendly. Battery Management System (BMS) provides temperature control, voltage control &more excellent safety operation to protect your devices.

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Maxworld has 3 different models portable power station which is Max330, Max500 and Max100. Below is the details.
MODEL Max330 Max500 Max1000
Rated power 330W 500W 1000W
Rated capacity 288.6WH 519WH 799.2WH
Standard capacity 3.7V/78000 mAh 3.7V/140400 mAh 3.7V/216000 mAh
Overload protection 360±20W 530±20W 1040±30W
Output waveform pure sine wave
USB output QC3.0/18W
Output Type-C QC3.0/60W PD60W PD60W
Lighter output 12V/10A 14V/8A 14V/8A
Wireless charger 5W 10W 10W
Charging input voltage 12-24V 12-26V 12-26V
Weight (net weight) ≈3.3kg ≈4.8kg ≈6kg
Product size 205*155*165 mm 290*194*200 mm 290*194*200 mm
Built-in Battery 100% A Grade Lithium battery


If you’ve been looking for a portable power station that can be charged at home or outside adventure, and plan to watch a projection, listen to music, play with drones, etc. Or you wanna use the device outdoors in your leisure time, Maxworld 1000W will meet your needs since it is compatible with most devices,  I would suggest you get this portable power station.

Also its compact size makes it the perfect travel companion whether you’re staying out-of-town overnight or just going on a long road trip, you can always carry it anywhere you want.

maxworld portable power station