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Livtab CyberOne Automatic Height Adjustable Gaming Desk Launch at Kickstarter

Livtab has always sought progress when it comes to offering the best comforts, both to gamers, now, they decide to go one step further and offer you the Livtab CyberOne, the most useful and multifunctional gaming desk on the market.

Livtab CyberOne consists of a mecha-style table that offers users a comfortable experience, thanks to the Gundam table legs and its controlled suspension system and is customized to our gaming hours through dual automated lift Bluetooth speakers and music-synchronized RGB LED lighting.

It has a dual motor system with which you can lift 350 lb of payload without exceeding a maximum volume of 45db. It also has a memory to save up to 10 table heights, which provides you with more comfort for the different activities for which you use the table. In addition, although the table is designed for an enhanced gaming experience, it also serves as a multifunctional workstation.

So far, they launch their project at Kickstarter so that you can get early price at $999 for first 100 backers which is fabulous price for gamers, you should not miss this big event.

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It also have an app that allows us to control a large portion of the benefits provided by the Livtab CyberOne, such as the height or the activation of the speakers. You don’t have to worry about the safety of children and the environment since the table has a child lock system as well as anti-collision technology, with which it will react to obstacles and stop its movement automatically.

The Livtab CyberOne doesn’t forget about storage. With dimensions of 31.5″ x 63″, the table offers more than ample space for all types of PCs and monitors, as well as keyboards, mice, and other accessories. For more space, it features pull-out drawers made with eco-friendly materials, a perforated board on the front, hooks that you can custom place in any of the holes, and a left-hanging storage cabinet to store small accessories. All this storage makes it a more than valid option both for gaming and for office and work tasks.

One of the most innovative features is the coaster built into the table since, through the app or the control panel, it will allow you to heat or cool your drinks. Another of the features is a wireless recharging area, with which you can forget about cables to keep the battery of your mobile at its maximum. The design of the wireless charging area also allows you to support the phone vertically and at different angles according to your needs.

If you are one of those who cares about the order of the wiring of your electronic devices, this table gives you the convenience of placing them in order without having to occupy a living space in the Livtab CyberOne. The table comes equipped with an 8-port multi-charging station, 4 USB A ports, and 4 USB C ports with which you can charge all your accessories. Finally, the table has smart cable management in the lower rear part, with several rail systems through which you can perfectly organize the table’s cables without the need to take up space on the table or create chaos underneath.

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All the above amenities, together with the control that we can have with the mobile app, allow a personalized and unforgettable experience with the table, whose advantages can not only be used within the gaming world but also take office work and any manual work to another level.