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LaserPecker 2 Pro Review: Portable Ultra Fast Handheld Diode Laser Engraver for DIY Enthusiastic

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LaserPecker 2 Pro is a revolutionary engraving tool that combines portability with convenience for amazing results. Featuring an electric roller accessory, this upgraded version provides users the versatility to create intricate designs on any surface imaginable from virtually anywhere. By combining both LaserPecker 2 and its accompanying 3rd axis electric roller in one package, enthusiasts are presented with endless possibilities limited only by their imaginations!

Unbox & Assemble

It could not be easier to assemble this machine, putting together the LaserPecker 2 laser engraver is a hassle-free task – all you need to do is securely attach its base with two screws and use of the Allen wrench included. You won’t even break into a sweat!

What is in box

  • LaserPecker 2 engraver
  • Laser shield
  • Electric stand
  • Power cord and adapter
  • USB cables
  • Safety glasses
  • Ruler
  • Wrench and screws
  • Sample materials (thin wood, steel dog tag)
  • Quick start guide
laser pecker 2 unboxing


  • Power – 5W
  • Laser type – 450nm NICHIA Diode Laser
  • Engraving size – 100 * 2000mm
  • Resolution – 1K/1.3K/2K
  • Engraving speed – 6mm/s-600mm/s
  • Preview speed – 3750mm/s
  • Input – 12V 5A | 100-240V | 50-60Hz
  • Wireless transmission – High-speed Bluetooth 5.0
  • File formats – jpg, svg, png, bmp, G code, CAD, AI, CDR, dwg and more
  • Operating system – Mobile: Android & iOS, Desktop: Windows & macOS

First Look of Laser Pecker 2

The LaserPecker 2 Pro has an increased laser output power of 5W compared to the LaserPecker 1, allowing for the engraving of patterns on a wider range of surfaces, including stainless steel. Its focal length has also been shortened to 110MM from 200MM in the previous generation, due to the higher resolution and power which require more precise focusing.

The LaserPecker unit has 4 ports located on the back of the device. These include 2 USB-A ports that are used for the electric stand lifter mechanism and the Laser shield/fan, a USB-C port that allows the engraver to be connected to a computer, and a power port.

Fast Engraving Speed

With an impressive laser speed of up to 36,000mm per minute and a 0.05 mm spot size for ultra-detailed carving, this cutting edge technology also boasts three resolution options – 1k/1.3k/2k enabling you to produce the finest results possible!

Compact and Portable

One of the best features of LaserPecker2 is its portability. Whether you’re in your studio or on-the-go, simply grab it and go to engrave whatever necessary – just remember to be cautious with operating the laser device in a well ventilated area without looking directly into it!

The LaserPecker 2 is a creative masterpiece, boasting an ergonomic handle that allows it to engrave any surface with ease. The potential applications are limitless and can be explored through its universally impressive design.

Electric Stand Control

With our focusing process, you can easily achieve the perfect focal length in a few simple steps. Simply press the up or down arrows to find your desired focus and capture the distance you wish, or there is a height adjuster stick to help you modify distance as well.

laser pecker 2 direction control (1)

Multi-Angle Engraving

With the precise adjustment of its laser head, one can engrave on any bevelled material to produce beautiful detailed results.

LaserPecker 3rd-axis accessory

LaserPecker 2 Laser engraver takes your creativity to a whole new level with its ability to provide 360° rotary engravings on curved surfaces, such as mugs and pencils; the maximum size that can be engraved is 100x2000mm. Take your work of art further than ever before!

App Connection

Use their mobile app and its easy-to-use drawing tools – all connected via Bluetooth for seamless integration – and make something truly unique with just a few taps on your screen! Choose from existing designs or create entirely new ones; your imagination is only constrained by what’s possible.

laser pecker 2 app
laser pecker 2 app

Safety Protection

The machine has cover to protect your eyes, however, I would high recommend you to wear safety goggles since safety is always first.

Engraving  Result

This machine is capable of engraving on wood, stainless steel and leather with just 5w output. Additionally, an accessory has been added to the engraver for objects with a cylindrical shape.

laser pecker 2 engraving horse
laser pecker 2 engraving (1)
laser pecker 2 rotatry (1)


  • Compact and portable
  • Super fast engraving 
  • Easy to use for beginner
  • Ability to engrave on curved surfaces


  • The cost of the machine is relatively expensive
  • Some instructiont on user guide could be misleading.

Final Thought

Overall, I love this machine a lot due to its convenience and compactable. The LaserPecker 2 Pro laser engraver is a top choice for those who value portability and convenience, but it does come at a higher price point. While it may not be suitable for heavy-duty engraving, it is a great option for those with limited space and the budget to invest in a high-quality engraver.

Beside, if you are beginner in laser engraver, feel free to read our ultimate guide about laser engraver to help you pick machine and understand its principle as well.