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JGMaker Magic 3D Printer Review: Creality Ender 3 Style with Nice Upgrade

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Despite having known for having large print volume of FDM(fused deposition modeling) 3D Printer. JG Maker came up with a low priced 3D Printer to compete with the entry level desktop 3D Printers in the market with the likes of creality, tevo, artillery,etc

This printer is equipped with bowden, a single Z motor, auto filament loading, smart auxiliary leveling, and a standard knob-controlled screen. For sure, this was built to be economically competitive and be basic as it is. Below are the specs of the JGMaker Magic.

  • FDM Technology 3D Printer
  • Bowden extruder setup
  • Single Z motor
  • Heated bed with textured
  • PVC surface
  • SD Card printing
  • Switchable 24V power supply unit
  • 0.4mm nozzle (default); changeable
  • 1.75mm Filament compatibility
  • Linear rod Y axis ; Linear rail X and Z axis
  • Open source Firmware
JGMaker Magic
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Specification of JGMaker Magic 3D Printer

Brand NameJG MAKER
Model NumberMagic
Nozzle diameter0.4mm
Nozzle Temp≤245℃
Heated Bed Temp≤110℃
Print speed10~120mm/s (suggested 60mm/s)
Output Voltage24V
Input VoltageAC110/220V (optional)
Printing MaterialsPLA, ABS, PETG
File formatG-code, OBJ, STL
XY-axis positioning accuracyX/Y: 0.012mm 
Z-axis positioning accuracy0.001mm
OS CompatibilityMicrosoft Windows, Mac OS, Linux


Unboxing and Assembly of JGMaker Magic

Compared to The JGMaker A5S; this is more complicated as the X assembly and gantry isn’t yet assembled when it was shipped, which made it ok, since it made the packaging smaller. It comes with professional assembly instructions, which also has a version in their youtube video. Instruction is easy to follow and I can say that once you follow it, you’ll assemble your printer will enough it can run on first try. I’ve assembled everything and had it running in an hour. I can also guarantee that the way the machine is packed. It will have no problem in shipping to anywehere in the globe.

jgmaker magic assemble
unboxing of jgmaker magic
jgmaker magic review
magic unboxing

Product Feature of JGMaker Magic 3D

Though JGMaker Magic looks like a normal 3D Printer to compete with others, one important feature it has which others don’t have is the thermal runaway protection. I find this feature really helpful as it secures your machine from overheating that might cause fire. It also has a solid base frame(JG didn’t use aluminum rails for the base).

Here are the other features that will help you determine whether JGMaker Magic 3D Printer is a must to have a 3D Printer at a low price tag.

  • Filament run out sensor: detects if you need to replenish your printer with a new spool of filament, or if there is a filament breakage while printing.
  • Printing Volume: building volume is up to 220*220*250 which is same as creality ender 3, will be enough for regular DIY purpose.
  • Thermal runaway feature : prevents the printer to overshoot its hotend, heated bed temp.
  • power off recover function; printing will stop during a power outage or an accidental turning off of the machine happens. Good thing is that with this feature, it will continue to its current layer once the power is ON again.
  • Swithchable power supply unit; will make your machine work to any region.
  • Textured PEI sheet; will give you perfect adhesion as well as easy pop out of the print once it is finished.
  • Filament Loading: Withauto-feeding technology, Magic will unload and feed the filament automatically.
  • SD card hotplugging: keeps matters running smoothly. At one point port the other you run the risk of making mistakes. For instance, you would remove your SD card by mistake during printing. With this feature, you can reinsert it and proceed with the printing. 
  • Right Filament holder: with the design of right spool holder, you could replace filament at a real quick and in ease.
  • Semi-auto leveling function: It will ease the leveling process and enhance leveling precision.
  • Solid base: Integrated sheet full-metal base ensures the stability for better printing performance.

Print result of Magic 3D

JGMaker Magic has a fair enough print output and can be considered as a top tier compared to other 3D Printers. One more thing I noticed with JGMaker Magic is that it can easily handle PETG. I’ve been getting great results with PETG Prints.

jgmaker magic 3d
jgmaker magic lion 3d printer
jgmaker magic 3d printer review
jgmaker magic model review


  • Lightweight
  • Stable printer base
  • Good out of the box print quality
  • Can easily print PETG, compared to my other printers
  • Robust base
  • Open source firmware
  • Professional customer service
  • Active online coimmunity


  • Single Z motor
  • Not direct drive(making it hard to print flexible materials)

Customer Service

The customer service from Jgmaker is good which surprises many people as they are not a well-known company. Even with 12 hours differnce, their  support are more than willing to offer help on skype or via email for any issues. They also provide a support help center which will help user to get their solution for common issue.



My verdict for this printer is this is a good one and I recommend it to those who want to start 3D Printing, as well as to those who are into 3D Printing already. I’ve been using this for quite a time now and JGMaker magic has become my go to printer for PETG prints. I consider this as one of the best FDM printer under $200 price tag.

Beside,JGMaker has a very active community which will help user a lot of solution when you meet issue. I have been really enjoy the transparency of JGMaker towards its community regarding stuff about orders, news, etc. If you are just looking for an inexpensive to start your 3d printing journey under $200 budget, this could be a great option for you.

JGMaker Magic
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We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.