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JGMaker A5S 3D Printer Review: An Underrated Affordable Big Machine

Some of you may not heard about JGMaker, indeed, JGMaker is an new brand name of JGAurora, they have changed name since 2020.  It is actually a certified company that has been serving in multiple markets for over a decade. They are known for their high-quality machine and excellent support for their consumers.

JGMaker has listened to their customers and improved on their A5 model with plenty of under the hood updates. This printer is one of the medium-sized FDM 3D printers that are gaining popularity for them being easy on the pocket and still possessing good features.

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Specification of JGMaker A5S

Brand NameJG MAKER
Model NumberA5s
Nozzle diameter0.4mm
Maximum nozzle temperature250 Degree C
Maximum build volume305 x 305 x 320 mm
Minimum layer thickness100 microns (0.1mm)
Maximum print speed150mm/s
Maximum bed temperature100 Degree C
Printing MaterialsPLA, ABS, PETG
File formatG-code, OBJ, STL
XY-axis positioning accuracy0.011mm
Z-axis positioning accuracy0.0025mm
Working power200W
CertificatesCE, FCC, RoHs

Unbox & Assembly of A5S 3D Printer

Here Is what comes With package

  • Half of a PLA roll to get you started and test printing
  • Instruction manual
  • The print bed is already assembled and comes in one long piece.
  • 1 Spool holder
  • 1 box of 3D printer tools
  • Power cord
  • Spare nozzle
  • Clips that secure the black diamond glass to the metal print bed
  • Allen wrenches
  • Warranty card
  • Belt
  • SD Card
  • SD Card USB Reader
  • Gantry

At first glance, this is the first statement I have given this machine when I received it. Unlike other 3D Printers, it did not use a bare-type aluminum extrusion, which made it look robust. Moving on with its features, the heated print bed which is capable of having a volume of 305 x 305 x 320mm makes it a player on the market with a fairly large print volume after the likes of creality’s ender 3.

When I received the printer, It was packed well, that it can endure any kind of transit/delivery all over the globe. Unboxing it, one of the main things that make this 3D Printer stand out from several other 3D Printer models on the market is its ease of assembly. You may only need to spend around 20 minutes to start your printing journey. The setup process for this 3D Printer is pretty straightforward to go through, as this 3D Printer model includes an Instructions Manual with every step of the printer’s set-up process as well as each of the printer’s parts coming labeled with a corresponding number that ultimately helps users to very easily stay on track of the printer’s assembly process. If you still have some doubts, they have an unbox and assemble tutorial on JGMaker’s official channel.

a5s metal frame
a5s inbox
a5s unboxing

A5S Product Features

Let’s get straight to it, shall we? JGMaker A5S is not a small machine, so if you want to add it to your workshop, you’ll definitely need to clear some space.

Good Build Volume:This printer has the ability to generate prints with dimensions as huge as 305mm x 305mm x 320mm (12″ x 12″ x 12.6″). The build volume is great.

Filament out detection: Every time the filament runs out, the printer stops and emits a loud warning signal.

Power recovery: JGMaker A5S 3D printer can also handle power outages. When reconnected to a power line, the printer heats up the hotend and continues your print without any problems.

E3D V6 Hotend Clone:The JGMaker A5S printer’s hot end is an E3D V6 hot end clone that contains a custom heatsink.

Tempered Glass Plate:The heat bed is a glass plate having an additional coating that can be compared to Anycubic Ultrabase. It’s a decent improvement over the previous models because it doesn’t expand as much as a normal aluminum bed after heating.

Full-Color Touchscreen: An interactive touchscreen makes your 3D printing life just that little bit easier, a user-friendly designed UI interface let you enjoy operation experience.

The whole sheet metal frame :with T-shaped structure enhances the stability and operation safety.

Relatively auto-leveling :Ease the leveling process also enhance leveling precision

Printing Result

After setting up a custom 3D printer profile on the slicing software Cura, we loaded up the warrior model and prepared it for printing. 

By the way, A5S ships with blue painter’s tape stuck on the print bed. You should leave this on when you do your first bed leveling and print as it will protect the bed from scratches if it is incorrectly leveled. Once you have done a successful print you can be sure the bed is at the correct height and level and remove the protecting tape.

A5S 3d printer model
a5s dustbin
jgmaker a5s model

Pros of A5S

  • It contains full-metal constructed body and structure which gives off an elegant appearance
  • Consists of ultra base glass platform for an improved sense of adhesion
  • User-friendly touchscreen which is easy to control and operation
  • It is easy to assemble, it just takes around 15 minutes to finish everything even you are a beginner
  • Affordable price with a big printing size

Cons of A5S

No auto-leveling for the machine, although it is not that hard to level, but consider to someone who is first time in 3d printing, this will be enough to hold people back from purchasing this 3D printer.

Do not have a large room to upgrade machine since the firmware is quite old on marlin with this machine.

The hotend part is difficult to maintenance and replace when some issue happened.


I’ve taken some research about how active JGMaker’s community is, which didn’t disappoint me. The official FB group page is very active and helpful. I love the transparency of JGMaker towards its community regarding stuff about orders, news, etc. If you are just looking for an inexpensive, large format machine to be a printing workhorse, this could be it. The print quality with PLA, ABS and PETG is good and the custom firmware, although different, makes for easy navigation and use.


Overall,  JGMaker A5S is now a genuine contender, and due to its smaller footprint and smarter appearance is arguably the better choice. Moreover, this 3D printer offers high-resolution prints that are matched by only a few devices out there.

Since it is a Chinese brand that is located in Shenzhen, so the Support can often be delay due to different time zone, so you have to wait until around 8 pm CET before getting a response. However, their support is more than willing to offer help on skype or via email for any issues.