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Gweike Cloud 50W CO2 Laser Engraver Pro Review: Turn Your Imagination into Reality

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Gweike Cloud is a new laser engraver and cutter that features high quality, ease of use for anyone looking to make their own projects. It’s one the most popular devices on today’s market because it combines both functionalities and stablitiy.  They’ve hit a sweet spot that appeals to hardcore makers and the crafting space. In this review article, it will give you an overview of the entire machine and how Gweike clooud stands out compared to others.

Unboxing & Assemble

The shipping box was in good shape and well protected by white foam. You can see a manual guide as well as their warranty card on top of the machine; all other parts like power cable or machine kit were nicely organized inside too! 

The product comes pre-assembled, so there’s no need to hassle with putting it together yourself. All you have done is remove the packaging and restraints that they’ve put in place for shipping purposes – this will make sure your new purchase arrives safely!

It also includes a basic toolkit as well as the USB cables, a USB camera cable adaptor to use the camera with Lightburn, and an Ethernet cable.

Gweike cloud unboxing
Gweike cloud unboxing (1)
Gweike cloud unboxing
gweike rotary

First Look of Gweike Cloud

The Gweike Cloud is a high-precision cloud scanning device that can measure objects with unparalleled accuracy. It has two versions, one for residential customers and another specifically tailored towards businesses looking to make their operations more efficient through better quality control measures like rapid discovery of missing parts or defects in production lines before they happen! The base unit costs $2850 while pro models retail at 3199 ($4399 Canadian).


The enclosure is made of sheet metal, which makes it rigid and durable. The top surface has been tempered glass for added protection against scratches or breakage in transit – this product feels like one that was put through some thought before being released!

gweike metal sheet

It’s got linear rails for each axis, drag chains to support and protect its tubings as well as cables underneath; it also has metal covers on every bracket or component of this machine so you can be sure that nothing will ever rust!

gweike linear rail
linear rail

The laser tube’s cooling system and air assist are all built into the enclosure, so you don’t need any additional connections to water tanks with aquarium pumps or compressors.

Engraving Size

The engraving size for the machine is  510mm*300mm, I believe this will be enough for most diy creation or small business purposes.

Fast Engraving Speed

The speed of the Gweike Cloud is quite a lot faster than the Glowforge and my K40. The Glowforge is difficult to compare to as they only use a scale of 0-100% (they don’t use any actual metrics for speed), articles I’ve found online suggest that the maximum speed is somewhere around 120-140mm/s. My K40 typically does 100mm/s for engraving and I use about 15mm/s for cutting plywood like this, so this machine is around three times faster at engraving and double the speed at cutting. 

Be careful when comparing these values with diode lasers as they typically quote their speed in mm/min, not mm/s like this. The diode laser mentioned can reach 10,000mm/min which is only tiny over 160 mm per second. So this machine will be faster than most available at the moment and has huge potential in future applications!

gweike engraver speed

Live Camera

With our 5mp wide-angle camera, we can precisely locate the position of your design on any material and monitor its working condition in real time. Then through intelligent extraction techniques such as radar or sonar waves

Software Support

Basically, you can use the laser to scan objects and it will send data over WiFi or Ethernet. I would recommend using wired connection if your machine is positioned further than a couple of meters from its network.

Like most engravers, you can use either the free GRBL software, which is functional but basic, and only runs on PC; or purchase a license for LightBurn, which is cross-platform and feature-packed. Also, gweike has its own software, since I use lightburn most of time, so I still stick with lightburn.

Laser Engraving & Cutting Creation

Since Gweike cloud pro has 50 output power, it allows me to engraver or cut a variety of materials with ease, also The fully enclosed cutting area and strong ventilation system work really well, There was no leakage into my workshop and no visible buildup of smoke within the machine either, even when producing quite a lot of smoke during cutting. 

gweike cloud pro engraving (3)

Quite Operating

The noise level can be lowered by 16 dB(A) to allow you true focus on your work,Gweike Cloud has an average of 70dB(A) during normal engraving, but with our quieter fan speed it decreases down below 60dB!

Smoke Air Filter

The concept of environmental protection without pollution is now possible with this filter. Three-stage filtration, the first being bagged to remove large particles from air and HEPA for those even smaller than 0.03um in size; thirdly there’s activated carbon which adsorbs smoke or dust odour making it cleaner inside your home


  • Super fast engraver speed
  • Ease of use
  • Well-experienced in its industry
  • Provides step-by-step tutorials through the Gweike Cloud learning kits
  • Come with live camera


  • Machine weight is a bit heavy.
  • Gweike cloud software is not that stable yet
  • USPS or UPS is the only shipping carrier for international orders
  • Limited free international shipping


  • Laser Output Power: 50W
  • Laser Type CO₂ Glass Laser Tube
  • Lifespan 10000h
  • Safety Guard Class I (FDA Certified)
  • Work Table Area 20.08″ (510mm)*11.8″ (300mm)
  • Max. Workpiece Height(without honeycomb tray) 2”(51mm)
  • Work Table Surface Black (Special surface finishing technique helps reduce burn marks or discoloration)
  • Max. Cutting Depth 0.59”(15mm) Basswood
  • Max. Carving Speed 600mm/s
  • Carving Precision 0.001” (0.025mm)
  • Noise Rating ≤70dB
  • Rotary Engraving diameter 30mm-74mm
  • Rotary Engraving Length ≤245mm
  • Focus Mode AI Visual AF/Material Recognition AF/Material Set-up AF
  • Camera High-resolution Ultra-wide Camera
  • Number of Pixels (Effective) 5MP
  • Visible Area 19.29” x 11.42”
  • Positioning AI Visual Positioning Error range ≤ 2mm
  • Systems Windows/macOS
  • Control Software Gweikecloud Web Based,Gweikecloud Offline, Lightburn
  • Connection / Transmission Wi-Fi, USB, Ethernet
  • Supported File Type SVG, DXF, JPG, JPEG, PNG, BMP, TIF, CR2, etc.
  • Power AC 110-220V±10%,50-60Hz
  • Processing Area 20.08″ (510mm)*11.8″ (300mm)
  • Machine Dimensions 38.2″*22.2″*9.2″ (970mm*565mm*234.5mm)
  • Weight 45.6kg


Final Thought

Gweike Cloud Pro is the perfect solution for small business owner or diy enthusiasts who is looking to turn their imagination into reality. The company offers high-quality machines that are easy enough even beginner can use without much learning curve, and they come at an affordable price point at same class compared to others. 

The brand’s products are all FDA-certified, CE-certified, FCC-certified, and all of the electronic components comply with 3C standards, proving that it’s very safe for the many.