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EcoFlow Delta Pro Review: Amazing 3600 Watt Portable Power Station as your emergency backup

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EcoFlow Delta Pro is probably the best 3600-watt portable power station for camping. It is so futuristic and durable, and it almost outshines every other power station on the market.

I have used it for an entire year on my farmhouse as an emergency backup power source along with two battery expansions which I will talk about later. I occasionally take it to Boondocking as well.

This unit has a whopping 3600 rated, and 7200 peak watts power output with a 3600Wh battery capacity.

If you connect two delta pros, you get a 7200 running watt capacity which is more than enough to power a small cabin or house.

If you want something smaller than that, check out the review of Ecoflow Delta 1300 which is a 120Wh capacity solar generator.

Based on my experience, Delta pro is not only for powering cellphones, laptops, coffee makers, microwaves, electric heaters, RV furnaces, and LED lights, but you can power 240V appliances like an electric dryer by connecting two Delta pros using a dual voltage AC Hub adapter.

I tested its power by using two pressure washers at the same time on a single Ecoflow Delta pro, now imagine what two units would do.

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Ecoflow Delta Pro
  • Huge battery capacity
  • Expandable battery capacity
  • Long Lasting LFP Battery
  • The machine weight is quite heavy
  • Low charging efficiency with the additional battery
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WellBots used FedEx for delivery and we had a smooth experience. It’s important to note that if you don’t live on the ground floor, then there will be help with carrying your package as it weighs over 100lbs!

If you are living in an apartment or gated community, do not let the delivery partner deliver this package to your leasing office. Ask them for a personal meeting and hand-over of goods that can be brought directly into your home instead!

Package contents,

  • Delta Pro power station
  • AC charging cable
  • Solar charging cable
  • Car charging cable
  • Delta Pro to Smart Generator adapter
  • DC5521 to DC5525 cable (sometimes used for solar extension)
  • User manual
  • Warranty card (24-Month warranty. You can also register on Ecoflow’s website for digital confirmation)
  • Power station handle cover
ecoflow unboxing

Design of EcoFlow Delta Pro

I was expecting it to be above 100 pounds but this unit is only 99 pounds. It measures 25 x 11.2 x 16.4 inches, its casing is made of durable hard plastic.

Overall, delta Pro is built like a tower PC and it is compact in dimensions. I don’t think anyone would have any trouble transporting it. It got nice wheels and a retractable handle to lug it around which I appreciate.

There is a huge LCD control panel on the front that displays input and output power, battery stats, error codes, charging status, and outgoing power from the 12V receptacles, and it comes with an ambient light detector.

Ecoflow also gives you their small LCD-like remote control device which also helps monitor battery stats, charging status and incoming and outgoing power.

delta pro

How Many Ports Does EcoFlow Delta Pro Have?

This thing is absolutely loaded with different AC/DC outlets.

X2 USB-A fast charging ports

X2 USB-A ports

X2 USB-C 100W ports

X5 AC output outlets

Solar Charging Input

One Anderson power port

Car outlet

AC Charging Input

delta pro ports
delta pro multi port

LCD Display

The Ecoflow DELTA Pro’s display is not only informational, but also has a carbon monoxide alert! I bet this will make camping much safer. The brightness of the screen makes it easy to see even when you’re out under direct sunlight.” 

Recharge EcoFlow Delta Pro

There are multiple ways to charge this unit. I have tried only three methods so far.

Using 1600W solar input, the delta pro and two battery expansions take only 6.7 hours to fully charge from 0 to 100.

Delta pro can accept a whopping 1800W of AC input from the wall, and it features X-Stream fast charging technology as well.

It will take on 2.7 hours to completely charge from 0 to 100% which is insane for a power station.

The last method I tried was electrical vehicle charging. I took it to a local charging station and using the infinity port located below the ports, this thing charged up in no time. It can accept a massive 3000 watts of AC input from the charging station.

ecoflow delta pro recharge (1)

Power Capacity

The most important thing to look for when buying a portable power station is its battery performance. Portable chargers come in all different shapes and sizes, but they need something that can store energy so you don’t run out during your journey home from work or school!

To give you a context of how much 3600W power is:


Peak watts

Running watts

A standard fridge



Microwave oven



Coffee maker



Electric blanket



Incandescent lights



Sump Pump


1500 to 300

Well pump



Circular saw



Electric drill



Portable air compressor ½ HP






Surge Capacity

The power station features a whopping 7200W surge rating! This means it can provide that much energy for brief periods (typically several seconds). Surges are helpful when you’re using coil-based electronic devices like pumps, heaters and motors – so don’t worry about having too many open circuits clogging up your workspace anymore.

It’s a good thing that this surge protector has an output of 7200W because it covers most if not all devices. People who work with power tools will get the highest benefits out its features, such as protecting against lightning strikes and transporting electricity safely from one point in your house to another!

Popular Choice
Ecoflow Delta Pro
  • Huge battery capacity
  • Expandable battery capacity
  • Long Lasting LFP Battery
  • The machine weight is quite heavy
  • Low charging efficiency with the additional battery
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X Boost

The Delta Pro power station features X-Boost, which can boost its output to 4500W for a devices with low battery or overload protection. To turn this mode on you need your smartphone and an app!

Battery Expansions of Delta PRO

You can separately purchase two battery expansions (each of 3600 watts) with the same battery chemistry to increase the power output up to 1080 watts.

The unit has two outlets on the back, you can connect the battery expansions using a simple cable Ecoflow cable.

The main feature of these battery expansions is that all three will charge and discharge at the same time.

If one battery is at 50%, and the other two are at 60%, the one with the 50% will charge up to 60%, then all three will charge up to 100% together.

ecloflow batter expand (1)

Battery Protection

The battery is so advanced now that you won’t have to worry about damaging it. Equipped with Ecoflow’s intelligent silicon chip, Delta Pro Power Station has following:

  • Over voltage protection
  • Overload protection
  • Over temperature protection
  • Short circuit protection
  • Low temperature protection
  • Low voltage protection and
  • Overcurrent protection

Performance of Ecoflow Delta Pro

I have been able to power all the appliances in my cabin including a 15000 BTU AC, a coffee maker, a microwave, a pump, a laptop, drone batteries, camera batteries, and other few essentials without any problem.

My electrical dryer requires 5000 watts, after connecting two delta pros, I have been to use it without any fluctuation in power.

Speaking of fluctuations, the pure sine wave AC outlets of Delta pro will come in handy if have any sensitive appliances in your home.

Don’t worry if you have only one Delta pro. The X-boost feature will boost the running watts up to 4500 for a short period to cover high loads. I have used this feature only twice and both times it worked.

I conducted some tests to check the efficiency of its inverter. The result was 93.4% efficiency. Anything above 90 is considered elite for power stations.

Another great feature of this power station is its app that can be connected through WIFI. The app shows incoming and outgoing power, power going from the 12V receptacles, the X-BOOST feature, and much more.

The only problem I see is the vents on the top. If you place battery expansions side-by-side with the Delta pro, the heat released by the vents will increase their temperature. Vents should’ve been on the backside.

ecoflow delta pro performance


  • 93.4% efficiency
  • 3600Wh battery capacity
  • Option of adding two battery expansions (3600W each)
  • High-quality BMS installed
  • Ideal for off-grid operation


  • A bit heavy
  • Air vents should’ve been on the back.


Weight: 99 pounds

Dimensions: 25 x 11.2 x 16.4 inches

Lithium iron phosphate battery chemistry

Power output: 3600 rated watts, 7200 peak watts

Capacity: 3600Wh

25kWh with battery expansions

Increase up to 4500 watts with X-BOOST technology

Lifecycles: 6500 with 50% efficiency and 3500 with 80% efficiency

5-inch LCD control panel and 6 charging options

Ports: X2 USB-A fast charging ports, X2 USB-A ports, X2 USB-C 100W ports, x4 AC output outlets (20Amp), X1 AC charging port. One Anderson power port, car outlet, remote control outlet.

Popular Choice
Ecoflow Delta Pro
  • Huge battery capacity
  • Expandable battery capacity
  • Long Lasting LFP Battery
  • The machine weight is quite heavy
  • Low charging efficiency with the additional battery
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We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
04/02/2024 09:12 pm GMT


The Delta Pro is a workhorse that can handle any task you throw at it, and with its expandability features like two additional batteries or Smart Home Panel for an emergency backup option in case your power goes out; there really isn’t anything not to love!

Whether you own a Tesla, BMW or Ford car – the Delta Pro can charge at any electric station with its included adaptor. No compromise is needed!