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Creality CR Scan Lizard Review: Budget 3D Scanner for Makers

Overview of Creality CR Scan

3D scanners have long been used in a variety of professional fields to create digital models of three-dimensional objects. But hobbyists are now able to get their hands on 3D scanners and use them for a variety of purposes, from creating digital replicas of physical objects to designing new parts for old ones.

We all know Creality as a company that specializes in 3D printing and has dominated the desktop 3d printing market for a while,  but they’re not just sitting back and waiting for customers. Creality released the mid-range “CR-Scan 01” 2021 which was met with warm welcomes from users and The newly released CR-Scan Lizard that is launched at kickstarter at 10th Feb.

The Creality CR Scan Lizard is a new entry grade 3D scanner that will be available on Kickstarter at 9 am EST. The creators of this product have revealed all the information about it so far, including what makes their device different from other popular models out there and how they plan to market themselves with some early bird specials before launch day arrives!

We were also given an opportunity for testing one, in this post, we will show you all details including part list, unboxing experience, hardware and software etc.  Let’s Move Now.

Unboxing of Creality CR 3D Scanner

Creality CR Scan Lizard is about as close to a plug-and-play solution you can find for a 3D scanner. When I unbox it, it is well packed, it includes scanner, data transmission cable, power adapter & plugs,turntable, tripod, carrying cace, the standard version will come with a manual user guide as well according to their feedback.

creality cr scan lizard review
creality scan lizard
creality lizard scanner
creality scan lizard 3d scanner parts

Specification of Creality 3D Scanner

  • Precision: 0.05 mm
  • Resolution ratio: 0.1 – 0.2 mm
  • Single capture range: 200 x 100 mm
  • Operating Distance: 150 – 400 mm
  • Scanning Speed: 10 fps
  • Tracking mode: Visual tracking
  • Light: LED+NIR (Near-infrared mode)
  • Splicing Mode: Fully automatic geometry and visual tracking (without marker)
  • Machine Size: 155 x 84 x 46 mm
  • Machine Weight: 370 g


High Accuracy: Creality’s CR Scan lizard brings professional-grade accuracy to the budget market. The precision of the scanner is so high that it can capture small parts and intricate details with an accuracy up to 0.05 mm allowing for rich detail from objects such as 15 x 15×15 or larger like car doors engines rear bumpers etc.

Multi Scan Mode: It comes with 2 scanning mode, Table mode and Hand mode. Table mode is a great choice for scanning 15 – 300 mm objects, the scanner is fixed by a tripod, and you can only adjust height of scanner to scan the obejct on the turntable.

For hand mode, you can scan and move your scanner wherever you want in order to scan whole object, it is suitable for scanning large objects up to 2 meters in size, such as the car parts mentioned above.

creality scan lizard scan mode

Scan in Sunlight

The improved Scanning Functions of the Lizard make it easier than ever before to get good results with minimal effort. With its multi-spectral optical technology, the Creality LizardScanner maintains excellent performance even in bright sunlight — which would vastly improve its field of application. The scanner can also be powered by a portable charger so you could go out there and scan whatever your heart desires without fear for wasted battery life or poor light conditions!

No Marker Scanning

CR-Scan Lizard offers an intelligent algorithm that makes 3D scanning as easy and straightforward like taking a video. It’s great for capturing fine details on large parts, such as engine hoods or car doors without needing to stick markers onto your object first!

no marker scanning

One Click Uploading Share

When you connect CR Studio with Creality Cloud, the 3D model can be uploaded to their database (Creality Cloud) in just one click. This is great because all of your slicing and printing are completed automatically! They also have a sharing function that allows people interact or share fun moments together which will meet any need for friendliness out there.

Software-CR Studio

The CR Studio software allows you to scan any size of object with ease, while also providing optimal models for printing. With direct access from the Creality Cloud and its own 3D printer included in this package deal; there are endless opportunities at your fingertips!

CR-Scan Lizard is compatible with both Windows10 64bit and MacOS, giving support to more than ten user-friendly design software for free, such as Blender, Maya, Rhino, 3DMax, Fusion 360, and so on.

creality 3d cr scanner lizard software
creality cr scan software
creality lizard 3d scanner software
creality cr scanner lizard software


They launch this scanner at kickstarter, they launch project at 9 am EST on February 10, 2022 with super early bird batch sale $300 for first 3000 units that is 50% off its initial price tag! After super early brid, it is $350 , I could say this price is gorgeous with these feature. Check here to find out.


  • High accuracy
  • Adpatable to black object & sunlight
  • User friendly software
  • Affordable price


  • Must connect to computer, not compaticle with smartphone
  • Software is not stable if your laptop performance is poor


If you are a 3D printer user fond of DIY, high-tech, or photography enthusiasts or a 3D modeler, CR-Scan Lizard is perfect for you. It’s ultra high accuracy guarantees quality, and its easy Markerless design crushes the competition with efficiency by drastically increasing your productivity!