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7 Best Tape Measures for Your Work in 2023

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Tape measures are essential for anyone who works with wood or other materials that need to be cut to specific sizes. A good tape measure will be easy to read, accurate, and durable enough to withstand repeated use. This guide will look at seven of the best tape measures on the market in 2022, covering a range of different features.

So, we’ve got you covered whether you’re looking for a pocket-sized option for quick measurements or a heavy-duty model for more demanding jobs. And if you’re on a budget, we’ve also included an affordable option that doesn’t sacrifice quality.
We cover tape measures from brands such as Stanley, DEWALT, and Zabiki. So, whether you’re a professional contractor or a DIY enthusiast, check out our list of the best tape measures before your next project.

Top 7 Tape Measures We Pick

We tested the best tape measures on the market. Check out what happened in our hands-on tests to find the most accurate, durable, and easy-to-use measuring tape for your needs.

1. Stanley 33-725

Editor Choice
Stanley Hand Tools 33-725 Tape Measure
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04/02/2024 12:52 am GMT

The Stanley 33 725, also known as the FATMAX, is a heavy-duty tape measure that features a Mylar polyester film on its blade. This film helps to protect the blade from wear, leaving barely visible scratches even in hard use. In addition to the mylar film, the Stanley FATMAX also has a transparent plastic layer on the first three inches of its blade, providing additional protection. Compared to other tape measures that suffer from paint wear on their blades after only a few uses, the Stanley FATMAX is much more durable. This tape measure also has large, easy-to-read lines printed on its blade, making it ideal for use in construction.

2. Zabiki 25 Ft

Price Friendly
Zabiki Measuring Tape Measure, 25 Ft Decimal
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04/02/2024 02:04 am GMT

If you want a tape measure that can handle both inches and centimeters, then we recommend the Zabiki 25-foot easy-to-read measuring tool. This durable product features an extendable blade with three rivets for stability and markings marked in either imperial or metric readings, making it perfect for most users!

One downside is when locked into place (which will happen less often if operated carefully), there’s sometimes trouble releasing itself, so keep pressing down on these handles until they release. Nevertheless, we reviewed the most affordable tape measure, retailing at approximately $8.

3. LEXIVON 16Ft/5m

Best Pocket Size
LEXIVON 16Ft/5m DuaLock Tape Measure
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04/02/2024 02:22 am GMT

If you’re looking for a compact tape measure that can do it all, then the LEXIVON 16-footer is the measure tool for you. This product comes with metric and imperial measurements and graphic markings to denote standard framing sizes like 8-inch or 19 2x4s (depending on what side of town we’re talking about). We recommend having at least 25 ft when working outside my home, but if not, this is an exception worth making because even though it’s only 16″, a few other features make up for small jobs. For example, it offers a rubber over molding, steel belt clip, and hook underside tang forks, allowing you to latch on to whichever side suits your needs best while still having enough durability so they’ll last a while.

4. Craftman

Best Heavy Duty
CRAFTSMAN Tape Measure, Self-Lock, 25-Foot (CMHT37225S)
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04/02/2024 02:11 am GMT

The Craftsman 25-foot tape measures are made to stand up against high use. The quality of this tool is undeniable, and it includes a heavy-duty case with a rubberized grip along the top edges and bottom corners for stability when in use or storage – perfect if you’re working on construction sites! In addition, it has stainless steel hardware that will never rust easily due to its polished finish alone; but what sells me about these products (besides their durability) is how precise everything feels.

The Craftsman tape measure has an easy-to-use, self-locking button that makes it perfect for beginners or professionals in their field. It also includes printed graphic notations at 16 inches and 19.2, along with three rivet tang design aspects that give this product added durability compared to other heavy-duty models today!

5. DEWALT DWHT 34036

Best for Layout
DEWALT Tape Measure, Closed Case, 100-Foot (DWHT34036L)
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04/02/2024 01:43 am GMT

The DeWalt 100-foot tape measure is an excellent tool for more extended measurements and outdoor use. The flexible fiberglass blade allows it to be stable while also providing an excellent grip, making this durable enough even in inclement weather conditions like snow or rain where other instruments might slide off balance easily;

Plus, its rust-resistant coating means that you won’t have trouble keeping your valuable tool safe from corrosion either! In addition, the flexible fiberglass blade ensures stability while providing easy turns thanks 5:1 gear ratio, which lets users wind up their entire measuring device within 12 turns at most.

6. Milwaukee ‎25Ft

Milwaukee 25 ft. x 1.2 in. Compact Wide Blade Tape Measure (2-Pack)
57,57 €
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04/02/2024 01:04 am GMT

Milwaukee’s 25Ft tape measure features large, black whole-inch numbers on a yellow background that are easily readable. In addition, the smaller fractional measurements appear clearly along both edges of this product, with ¼” appearing in regular type and ⅛”; superior Rescue Markings we’ve seen so far from other brands make it stand out even more!

This tool also features a tang having 3-rivets and a hook under forks, which lets you latch on either side of an item being measured, making it perfect for measuring objects that aren’t flat; overall this product offers great accuracy and ease in reading measurements.

7. Komelon 6633

Long Distance
Komelon 6633 Open Reel Fiberglass Tape Measure, 300-Feet
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04/02/2024 12:56 am GMT

Long-distance measurements can be made to perfection with the open reel tape measure, the Komelon 6633 – 300ft. When utilizing this tool, you may drive into the ground at the origination point, thanks to an orange spike linked to the sturdy, molded polyethylene arms support that holds the lime green fiberglass tape in place around the central spool.

An easy-to-grip, sturdy winding handle that folds up when not in use runs along the top of the Komelon 6633. Users may ignore this lock because it is simple to tighten with one hand. However, this tape measure has one disadvantage: if it is kept outside for too long, it may become wet and wear out.

7 Factors to consider in Buying a tape measure

Before you purchase a tape measure, there are seven essential factors you need to consider to ensure you’re getting the best possible product. Accuracy is critical when measuring, so ensure the tape measure you choose can provide accurate readings. Durability is also important, as you don’t want your tape measure to break easily. Length is another important consideration – you’ll need to ensure the tape measure is long enough for all your measuring needs. By considering such essential factors, you can be sure to find the best possible tape measure for your needs. Let’s take a look at all seven factors in more detail:


Measuring objects is complex, and the best you can hope for is an approximation based on the accuracy level of your measuring tool. Tape measures aren’t always the most accurate, but there are ways to check and calibrate them. If you’re working on a project requiring multiple tape measures, it’s important to calibrate them before starting. This will ensure that your measurements are as accurate as possible.

Such calibration can be performed easily by measuring from one point on an object down through its depth to find out which length of tape measures correctly and quickly swapped out for other tools as needed!


Another essential factor to consider before you buy a tape measure for your projects is the durability of the tape measure. A tape measure should withstand a fair amount of abuse without breaking. Look for one that comes with a rubberized case to protect it from bumps and being dropped. The case will also help to protect the tape measure from wear and tear. Additionally, ensure that the tape measure is made of steel or metal resistant to rusting. With proper care, a good tape measure can last for years and become indispensable for all your projects.


The length of tape measure you’ll need for your projects depends on your needs, but experts say a 25-foot tape is the best all-around. If you’re looking for something more compact, go with a 16-foot tape. However, if you’re consistently measuring more than 25 feet at a time, go with a 35-foot tape. The best tape measure length depends on what you’ll be using it for. Remember that a longer tape measure can be more unwieldy, so it’s essential to strike the right balance between length and practicality. With a little trial and error, you’ll be sure to find the perfect tape measure for all your project needs.

Clip Design

Before you buy a tape measure, you must check for the clip feature that lets you attach it to your belt or pocket. Cased tape measures are often equipped with a belt clip. It is a type of pincer made of nylon or steel that attaches to a jeans pocket or tools belt. Some professional craftsmen consider the clip feature annoying as it adds to the overall size of the tape measure and may make it harder to put inside a pocket. If you find this true, you can often unscrew the clip or buy a clipless model. The main advantage of having a clip on your tape measure is that it frees up your hands while working. A clip can save valuable time if you constantly reach into your pocket or bag to retrieve your tape measure. Another benefit of having a clip is that it helps to keep the tape measure from getting lost. Whether working on a job site or in your garage, it’s always frustrating to go hunting for your tape measure. With a clip, you can be sure that it will always be within easy reach.


When choosing a tape measure, it is important to consider the visibility of the markings on the blade. If the markings are difficult to see, it will be difficult to get an accurate reading. There are some ways to improve visibility, such as using bolder markings or reverse contrast. You can also choose tape measures with different color schemes. Everyone’s eyes are different, so it is important to find a tape measure that is easy for you to read. You can find the perfect tape measure for your needs with some research.

Hook Design

When buying a tape measure, it’s important to consider what type of hook design best suits your needs. The flat end or small head can be used on smaller projects. Still, suppose you need something more durable and versatile. In that case, specialized multi-directional ends will come into their own as they allow measuring from below or above without any awkward constraints placed on where the user may place them when taking measurements alone!

Standout and Throw

The standout is an important feature for anyone who works with tape measures regularly. The longer the blade, the more valuable it is for measuring longer pieces of lumber or sheet material. However, for our team, we’re pretty happy as long as the tape measure can get us beyond the length of the sheet material. We don’t need 10-16 feet of standout since we’re mostly just sliding the hook over the material anyways. Most experts are satisfied as long as the tape measure can reach beyond 9 feet.

The tape measure can also be extended by throwing the blade. The advantage of throwing the tape measure is that it can save time because the user does not have to walk from one end of the material to the other. The downside of throwing the tape measure is that it can reduce the overall length of the tape measure because of the action. Therefore, when choosing a tape measure, it is important to consider the tape measure’s throw and standout. Pros usually prefer a tape measure with a minimum throw and standout of 8 feet.

Common FAQs for a Tape measure 

Below is some common question that you may encounter,read carefully.

Types of Tape Measures

There are four types of tape measures that you can buy in a tools shop or hardware store:

  • Cased tape measure is the most popular and versatile design, as it houses both blades (metal or fiberglass) in a rubber holder, which can easily stow away into your pocket or tool belt. You’ll find these handy for installations such as shelving projects.
  • Builders and engineers typically use long or open-reel tapes. These come with a hand crank fitted to the tape casing and are used to retract the measuring tape that can be up to 500 feet long, depending on the type of material it’s made from (for example, fiberglass). These tools also come with markings on both feet and meters, so you know exactly how far away something is when using this tape.
  • Laser tape measures are a handy alternative to standard ones when measuring the width or length of an area. The user shines their laser on any surface, presses a button, and gets accurately rounded numbers in ⅛” – ½.” These aren’t perfect, though, because there’s always some movement during measurement, which can affect accuracy (even by tiny amounts).
  • D-tapes are an excellent way to measure the circumference and diameter of pipes, poles, or any other round object. The ultra-flexible blade can easily wrap around its target without breaking apart as cased tapes would do because it doesn’t have stiffness in between layers like normal paper does, making this type more accurate than others with similar purposes. They come in various lengths, from 12 inches up 50 feet in length.

What are the most common sizes of tape measures?

Tape measures come in various sizes, but the most common length is 25 feet. This size is versatile and can be used for various tasks, from measuring rooms to taking measurements for new furniture. Some tape measures are as short as 12 feet, which can be helpful for smaller projects or when space is limited. Other tape measures are 30 feet or longer, which can be useful for measuring larger areas or taking long-distance measurements.

How to read a tape measure?

First, extend your tape measure to the desired length to measure an object. Next, look for the more significant number on it – this indicates how many inches long whatever you are trying to assess is. Many units come with other helpful features like easily visible markings, so they’re easy enough even if someone doesn’t know their exact measurement needs. For example, some tape measures may have both feet AND inch measurements alongside each other, while others only offer one set of larger dimensions alongside the smaller ones, which makes them easier to read.

Which is more accurate, a tape measure or a ruler?

When it comes to accuracy, both tape measures and rulers are equally precise. The main difference is that tape measures can be accurate over a longer distance, making them ideal for measuring larger areas. In addition, tape measures often come equipped with features such as locks and adjustable hooks, making the measuring process more accessible. However, a ruler may be the better option for shorter distances or more precise measurements. Ultimately, the best tool to use will depend on the task at hand.

Do I need an automatic locking tape?

An automatic lock is not compulsory. However, if the automatic lock doesn’t engage when you pull out the blade tape, you can permanently activate the manual lock. Just pull the blade out to your desired measurement and then push the button on the side of the tape measure. The blade will stay in place, locked at that measurement. When you’re done, just release the button and retract the blade.

Why is a diamond on a tape measure?

If you’ve ever stepped into a hardware store, you’ve probably noticed that tape measures come in all different shapes and sizes. But have you ever noticed the small black triangles or diamonds occasionally appearing along the tape? These markings are there to help indicate standard measurements. The most common spacing is 16 inches in the center, represented by small black triangles appearing every 16 inches on the tape. This is the standard measurement for studs in walls or floor joists in floors. However, you may also see tape measures with black diamonds appearing every 19.2 inches, another standard spacing for wall studs or floor joists. Regardless of which tape measure you use, these markings can be extremely helpful when taking accurate measurements.


Now that you know what to look for, it’s time to research and find the best tape measure for your particular needs. Each tape measure we’ve reviewed has features that may be perfect for your next project. Be sure to compare prices before making your purchase. Then, no matter which one you choose, make sure you have a reliable tape measure in your toolbox!

Editor Choice
Stanley Hand Tools 33-725 Tape Measure
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