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JGMaker Artist D 3D Printer Review: Affordable IDEX Extruder Machine Under $600

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JGMaker Artist D is the first IDEX 3D Printer released via Kickstarter. It gathered its full pledge within 24 hours, making it one of the fastest-backed and successful KS campaigns for a 3D Printer. So, what does it have that makes it unique compared to other 3D Printers? Well, itself, being an IDEX or Independent Dual Extruder 3D printer makes it stand out from the rest of the 3D Printers, plus, the price it was released made it the most affordable IDEX 3D Printer in the market. Below is the wrap-up technical review of the Artist-D.

Unboxing and Assembly of JGMaker Artist-D Printer

JGMaker Artist D comes in 95% assembled. It is the same with JGMaker A5S‘ setup wherein installing the gantry to the base is the main instruction. After which, you need to install the Z motor synchronizer belt. And of course, followed up by wiring connectivity installation for ribbon cables(which is easy) and sensor wires. In addition to it, except that the Artist-D comes in a big packaging due to its bigger printer size, with the additional cushion for safe shipping.

artist d 3d printer
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Printing Result of Artist D 3D Printer

For jgmaker artist d, it has 4 printing mode in total, they are Single extruder mode, dual extruder mode, duplicate mode and mirror mode. The way the Artist-D approaches different types of print is quite intuitive. All single and dual-color prints work much as normal within Cura. Whether you are using a single color and extruder or merging two parts of a model and assigning to each extruder, the printer works using its dual extruder feature. This behavior is much like any other 3D printer.

For mirrored and duplicated prints, the manual instructs to simply move the print -80 mm in the X-axis and select the appropriate print type on the printer. Depending on your viewpoint, this could be seen as a good thing, a simple way to allow less computer-savvy people to use these features. Others might miss the ability to specify these things in software and communicate with the printer without relying on an SD card.

jgmaker printing model
printing model of jgmaker artist d
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jgmaker artist model
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Product Feature of JGMaker Dual Extruder

Making it unique to other printers, implementing IDEX technology, it added more features compared to the standard single extruder 3D Printers. Here are the common features which can be found with other printers as well as its additional features that will show you Artist-D’s specs in summary.

Independent JGMaker Dual Extruder Technology: will enable you to print in Dual color/material, mirror mode, duplication mode. This is advantageous since IDEX mode of this printer need not a purge tower to switch extruders in motion. Meaning, it saves filament.

Filament run out sensor: The machine beeps when your filament runs out to allow you to change the filament and avoid a failed print. Both Extruders are equipped with such feature.

Thermal runaway feature: prevents the printer to overshoot its hotend, heated bed temp.

power on recover function: printing will stop during a power outage or an accidental turning off of the machine happens. Good thing is that with this feature, it will continue to its current layer once the power is ON again.

Switchable power supply unit: will make your machine work to any region 110v or 220v.

Textured magnetic sheet: will give you perfect adhesion as well as easy pop out of the print once it is finished. It ensures your print can get a good grip to it, to help prevent warping and failed prints. allows you pop off the prints without any tool, just spring the plate and your print will pop off.

Linear Rail: It is built with industrial-grade parts—such as the X-axis linear rail—to deliver smoother performance with less friction and higher precision.

Quick release nozzle: By pushing a botton beneath the filament feed idler, the combined nozzle and heatbreak drops out of the print head for swift replacement, should the situation of a clog arise. 

32 Bit silent board: has a resolution upwards of 256 individually smaller, high-res steps and thus less noise is generated in the coils of the motor.

Dual Clean Brush: This brush can prevent the inactive nozzle from dripping material on the print, spoiling the finish.

Open source firmware; easy to tweak and upgrade your machine, you can always get some tips or ideas from jgmaker community.

Pros of Artist-D Printer

  • Stable printer base
  • Good out of the box print quality
  • Multi material compatible
  • Robust base
  • Open source firmware
  • Professional customer service
  • Active online community
  • Direct Drive
  • Quick Release Nozzle
  • Neat wiring
  • Easy to upgrade parts

Cons of Artist-D

Not for beginners

No auto level

Under extrusion sometimes

Fan sould is very loud


This is a highly recommended 3D Printer for those who are into 3D Printing for quite some time. But if you are a beginner and you are willing to take the risk, you can still go with this. For experienced users, this will be interesting as you can explore more stuff about 3D Printing, from multi color, multi material printing, duplicate and mirror printing.

There’s clearly a lot of thought that has gone into this printer, and it offers a lot for less than half the cost of similarly specced printers.