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Anypower 700w Portable Power Station Review

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What do I need to bring when traveling by car? Electric oven? camera? Car refrigerator? power Bank? Kettle? notebook? Wait a moment, it is kind of too many devices that need power.

If you’re like me, hate being without power, Whether it’s my phone, laptop, or even just the lights in my house, I always need power to keep going. So what should I do when these things are out of power? 

In this article, I will unbox  Anypower Power 700w portable power station that supports 700W sine wave 220V output.Keep reading!


It is filled by white foam tightly to prevent damage of shipping, it contains power supply with white box, and come with a car charger, AC wall plug power adator and product instruction manual  user guide.

anypower 700w unbox
anypower 700w unbox (2)

Inside the accessory are two chargers, one is a power adapter for charging at home, other one is car  charger,which is convenient for charging in the car when needed

user guide

The manual is rich in content, detailing the operation and parameters of this energy storage power supply.

anypower 700ww portable power station

Anypowe 700w adopts a wild-rate plastic shell, with an arched handle on the top for easy lifting.

As picture shows, It has 2 5V 2.4V port for USB, 1 fast USB charging port , 1 Type C port. below the usb port, it has 1 car charger port, 2 AC plug adapter. 

anypower 700ww portable power station

There is a plastic grille on the side and an active cooling fan inside to dissipate the heat inside the power station that ensures machine is under stable operation.

anypower 700ww portable power station

There are four large non-slip foot pads at the bottom of the power station which is quite stable for daily placement. In addition, you can see product specifications  clearly at the bottom of the machine.

anypower 700ww portable power station

It has LED lights on both sides to illuminate whenever you need a light source, by clicking light button, you can switch between low-brightness, high-brightness, and blinking modes, which is very convenient for daily use.and the lcd screen shows every detail of machine status.

What It Powers

You can use this power station to charge most electornic applications that you use for your daily life. Below are some example:

Laptop (60w): Around 7 Recharges

Switch(25w): Around 80 hours

Floodlight(10W): Around 42 hours

Camera(16Wh): Around 30 hours

Drone(60Wh): Around 6 Recharges

Smartphone(10Wh): Around 36 Recharges


High capacity and power: The Anypower increased 700W 110V (Peak 1000) inverter and 600Wh capacity allows you to run power-hungry devices with confidence.

Extensive device adaptability: The Anypower battery bank provides 3 USB ports, 1 Type-C port and 2 pure sine wave AL power sockets for simultaneous charging with multiple devices.

Lightweight:The weight is relatively light, and it is easier to carry when going out without causing a great burden。

Safe Lithium Battery: It is equipped with on-board battery management system that always keep machine operating under safety.

Led Lights: It has 5 lighting mode that you can switch between low-brightness, high-brightness, and blinking modes which adapt to different occasions


Brand: Anypower
Model: VT-700W
Rated power: 700W
Rated capacity : 577Wh
Standard capacity: 3.7V155900mAh
Overload protection: 730±20W
AC output: 110V±10%/60HZ
USB output: QC3.0/18W
Type-C output: PD60W
Cigarret lighter output: 12V/10A
DC 5525 output: 12V/10A
Charging input Voltage: 12-25V
Working temperature :-10-40℃
Weight(Net weight): ≈5.5kg
Weight(with accessories): ≈6.5kg
Dimension: 258*175*164.5mm


Overall, Anypower 600w power staton is still very good for its capacity, power, and interface performance are user friendly,this powerful device can keep your devices charged no matter where you are, making it the perfect addition to any camping or hiking trip. Plus, its lightweight and compact design means it’s easy to take with you wherever you go.

Also the appearance and workmanship are quite great, the texture of the socket, screen and buttons are smooth.

This product is suitable for home power supply during self-driving trips, but I think it is more convenient for small shooting teams to do their work. It is great for drones, photography cameras, notebooks, and various small devices etc.