About Novelty Maker

Hello everyone, my name is Bill, a man who has passion in tech and innovative product reviewing and provide buying guide for our users.

I had been working in 3d printer company a few years and really love it, well, compared to experienced geeks in makers community, I understand that I am still a noob and still need to be improved.

You can always get some product reviews, product using tips and tricks or brand deal from our website. So let’s learn how to build cool stuff, and keep up to date with what is happening in the world of making. .


What is Novelty Maker?

Novelty Maker is a website for Makers or DIY enthusiast. Whether you are a retro computing fan, DIY Maker, 3D printer user, drone or copter-flyer, hand crafter, electronics tinkerer, or Arduino and Raspberry Pi hacker etc. 

Of course this task won’t be done by myself due to time limitation, so I decide to connect anyone who has same passion to build this community together.

Why Do I create Novelty Maker?

When I was working at 3d printing company, I find out that lots of international customers had poor shoppping experience with brand, it could be long time responding aftersale, unprofessional support, or bad quality control. 

This is happend at lots of chinese company, it could be different time zone, language and culture barrier, lack of related skilled employees. And on the other hand, company do not know the real demands and voice of customers. 

The reason why I create this website is that I can connect different brand and pass the community voice as a middle channel by using the simple launguage they can understand easily. From my experience, sometimes it just need more deep communicating from  both party which will prevent 99% misunderstanding.

Thus, there are lots of small company with great product in China, but they do not know the channel to exposure their product, or they can not afford expensive marketing fees. I would like to be a small channel for those company to exposure their product since my website does not charge any fees from them expect product sample. I always believe a good product or brand deserves more awareness.

noveltyamker content

What Do We Cover?

So far, I only cover 3 main topic including product review, buyer guide and brand activity. The topic may extend in future

Product review: I usually judge a product from 5 dimensions at least to give a final score, the article will includ the details of unbox and using experience, also customer support as well.

Buyer Guide:Provide our recommendations regarding current product cycles, feature, price range,and a summary of currently available news for each model.

Brand Activity: I have collaborated with different brand for a special code to save your money, and sometimes I will host brand activity including online contest or giveaway etc.

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